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“NO, it’s impossible”… is what I heard from the on-base lodging hotel receptionist.  I learned nothing could be done without a 2 week work request to switch on my Air Conditioning on a hot day in February.  As I hung up the phone and looked around at all the dated and worn out furniture in my room, I knew I was in for a miserable TDY lodging experience.

“Never again!  Our servicemen and women deserve better while traveling on TDY/PCS orders.”

– Charlie, Director, Fox 3 CrashPads

Nellis CrashPads

Nellis CrashPads, powered by its parent website, Fox 3 CrashPads, was founded by an Air Force fighter pilot frustrated by the antiquated, inconvenient, and lack of service provided by on-base lodging.  Unfortunately, with the majority of hotels and Airbnbs in the local area catering to tourists, most long term lodging costs are significantly above the reimbursable rate required by the DoD.  Fox 3 CrashPads was founded to fill this gap, through exceptional service, at a price that is LESS than on-base lodging WITHOUT a non-availability slip.

Our Mission | Luke CrashPads

To provide flexible, first class luxurious, long term lodging options for our servicemen and women across the United States. 

NO “non-available slip” required, NO off-base lodging “approval” needed, NO B.S.

Why Fox 3 CrashPads

Tired of endless searches and hidden costs found on hosting sites such as AirBnB?  Allow Fox 3 CrashPads to put your mind at ease and end your worries about what the DOD will and will not reimburse.  We know the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) inside and out and guarantee that your entire stay with us will be reimbursed dollar for dollar through the Defense Travel System (DTS).  Additionally, our catalog of properties offer personalized amenities tailored to our clients.  No request is too big or too small.  We take pride ensuring you can relax while you are TDY on travel orders.  Often properties found on hosting websites will usually offer a “shared” house, renting out small individual rooms with busy common areas.  Not only do you lose a safe and quiet space for yourself, you may also have to deal with roommates constantly moving in and out during your stay.  Fox 3 CrashPads specifically focuses on providing large private residences where guest have the entire home and living space to themselves. 

The Fox 3 CrashPad Difference

First and foremost, our properties are designed and managed to offer our clients the best experience possible during their TDY, the moment they arrive.  Unlike many “mom-and-pop” AirBnBs or rentals, Fox 3 CrashPads is managed by Fox 3 Lodging LLC, a professional business that manages every aspect of your reservation securely online.  After connecting through Fox 3 CrashPads, we will send you a secure link to our encrypted online portal.  You will have your own individual account, able to make payments online, as well as send messages.  Have a quick maintenance request or question?  Shoot us a message via our APP to make the process quick and convenient.  All payments are handled electronically and at the end of the month we will send you an itemize receipt with the daily rate charge along with any associated taxes.  We will send you detailed DTS instructions on how to complete your DTS authorization and travel voucher.  Everything is prepared for you, so you can maximize your time spent on your TDY on what matters most. 

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How can we help?

Our team will be in touch soon